The Infernal Bar Act

From the sand-swept Khan el Kalili market in ancient Cairo, to a secret magic emporium in the outskirts of Paris, to a tucked-away arcade in Venice, Professor Scotty Walsh has explored the continents to bring you one of the most obscure, bewildering and wholly satisfying illusions in the world.

Known then as La Bouteille Inépuisable, or The Inexhaustible Bottle, the act was first publicly performed in Paris by the Father of Modern Magic, Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin. As audience members gasped and shouted orders, Houdin conjured a variety of colorful libations from but a single, seemingly endless, bottle.

At the dawn of the 20th century, renowned British Magician, David Devant presented his version of the illusion with a glistening silver kettle (allegedly at the suggestion of his wife) in order to heighten the effect’s sophistication. Two decades later, the feat of spirited spirits crossed the Atlantic to satiate unquenched Prohibition-Era crowds. The desired beverages being the new American concoctions of the era known as cocktails, and the receptacle of choice, a shaker.

Since that time, however, the refreshing spectacle has been largely lost; resurfacing only now and then, here and there. But finally, through intensive, extensive, and demanding research, Scotty Walsh has discovered the keys to unlocking this centuries-old and well-guarded secret. At much personal and financial cost, he has procured the proper shaker – promising a plethora of cocktails and spirits.

And who better to pour the spirits than the Devil’s Bartender? The Extraordinary Ryss is no longer living, and Professor Scotty Walsh has taken up the dead magician’s wand and shaker, and claims the honor of successor by right of skill and fitness.

Therefore, whether from the Infernal Shaker or the Obliging Kettle of Inebriation and Sobriety, the Infernal Bar Act represents a crowning achievement in a lifetime of magical pursuits for Professor Walsh, and an evening of lively spirit-filled entertainment for you and your worldly, sophisticated, and thirsty friends.

Now, who’d like a Martini?

Scotty Walsh & Co.

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