The Kids Show

One of the side effects of having a seven year old daughter is that I’ve honed my “children’s show” in a way that I never expected I would.  I’ve been performing benefit shows and at my daughter’s schools since she was three.  And if I do say so myself, it’s one of the best #%!&?@$ kids shows in town!

These 30-45 minute shows captivate children with hilarious magic, juggling, and slapstick comedy like no ordinary kids show can.

As a veteran circus entertainer and former arts director for one of the top Children’s Museums in the US, Professor Scotty Walsh has professionally developed his children’s program to empower children while focusing their attention through continual interactions.  Kids marvel at his rarely-if-ever-seen spaghetti juggling; coins pulled from happy heads, ears and noses; the mayhem of jumbo magical wands, a glass of milk drunk by a fez-wearing monkey and much, much more!

 The Scotty Walsh & Co. Kids Show. Filmed at Monte San Savino, Tuscany, 2012