Grandpa’s Comedy Kit

Here’s a blast from the past:  This was an experimental clown act I developed using a full face mask I designed and constructed in Berlin.  I included the piece in my final project, for my Masters in Fine Arts in Physical Theater in Tuscany.  The show was a four person one-man show, called “Meet the Silverstones.”

grandpa and milk 2 sw

Meet Grandpa and his Instant Comedy Correspondence Course…

Watch what happens when our hapless hero tries to follow a recording’s instructions for classic practical joke  using a shoe borrowed from a victim spectator in the audience.

From whoopie cushions, to peanut cans filled with spring loaded snakes, chaos ensues.  The harder Grandpa tries to be funny, the more the comedy backfires in this hilarious and poignant five minute contemporary clown piece which questions the nature of comedy itself.

Scotty Walsh created this mask and character during his residency with Familie Flöz in Berlin in 2013.

Recorded at Villa Godiola in Tuscany, Italy.  2014.