Mental Radio by Upton Sinclair and Addendum by Dr. Prince

Mental Radio

Mental Radio by Upton Sinclair (1930), which regards his and his wife’s startlingly successful experiments with telepathy.  Also the addendum written by Dr. Walter Franklin Prince, first published by the Boston Society for Psychic Research (1932).

This book is in the public domain.  Click the link below to download the PDF.

Mental Radio, Upton Sinclair and Addendum by Dr. W. F. Prince


The Whispering Imps

whisperingimps2015For more than a hundred years, these mischievous little pranksters have been the naughty and clever sidekicks to magicians.  Their likenesses were first caught on paper in 1894, when Harry Kellar, known then as “America’s Greatest Magician,” commissioned an advertising poster featuring his personal devilment advisors.  One is peeking over his right shoulder and the other sprite is whispering a new mystical trick into Kellar’s left ear as the renowned magician considers its shrewd words.

When Kellar retired, he bequeathed the illustrious title of “America’s Greatest Magician” to his successor Howard Thurston. Evidently, Kellar also passed along his clever counselors as they next appeared in the same poses on Thurston’s posters. During his “Wonder Show of the Universe,” Thurston explained to the children in his audience that his imps were named Hocus Pocus and Conjurokus – and that Hocus Pocus was a real troublemaker!

Soon, Thurston’s competitors of the day, such as The Great Blackstone and The Great Raymond, began recruiting their own elvish entourage- similarly featuring them on posters of their own.

The imps eventually found themselves sailing across the ocean to Europe.  And perhaps they became a little seasick as they are seen in a verdant hue in this poster from the legendary Professor Benevol.

But no matter what their color, the rascals were always playful. Check out this particularly humorous moment in a poster from the great Raymond which shows the “King of Mystery” lighting his cigar with the heat from the tip of a little imp’s tail!

And so, in-keeping true with the long-held tradition, I am proud to say I have managed to attract a couple of convivial imps myself.   It hasn’t always been easy, but my mischief-makers have been keeping me company as I’ve traveled the world for over a decade. Below, you can see our first happy portrait together back in 2003.


Reading Minds for the UCC Psychological Society

Scotty PosterThis week, I’ll be performing and lecturing for the UCC Psychological Society.  Last Friday, in order to promote the show, I was a guest on The Rock Block on UCC 98.3FM, hosted by Conor Crowley and Robbie Byrne.  The crux of the interview centered around a locked and sealed box that I delivered to Conor five days prior to the interview.  Inside this box were exactly ten predictions which I claimed would appear in The Irish Daily Mail on the day of the interview.  My first prediction was a direct hit.  I predicted the weather summary on page two would read: “cloudy and damp.”  (I start with the easy ones!)

headline prediction

Of the remaining nine predictions, there were direct hits (Lady Buttons to finish sixth in the 4:00 race) as well as a complete miss (a picture of fit, elderly ladies with a giant cheque on page 41).  The rest fell somewhere between direct and eerily nearly direct hits like my prediction for the Rugby page (“Brian O’Driscoll Exposes Self” which turned out, in actuality, to read “O’Driscoll Exposes the Insecurities Which Drove Him On”) and my prediction for page three (“Great Legs, Flat Tummy” which actually read “Killer Heels and a Lot of Leg but No Bump as Princess Kate Returns to Work”).


Along the way, there was fun conversation and some great music.  They even played Smells Like Teen Spirit for me one and a half times.  (The half was an accident.)  I recreated a sketch, virtually stroke for stroke, which Conor had drawn in secret and sealed in an envelope several days earlier, and I taught Trudy to read Robbie’s mind.  It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to the show this Wednesday at The Cyprus Avenue at 8:00!


You can hear the interview portions of the radio program (and Smells Like Teen Spirit) below: