Painting exhibition in Paris (2010)

In 2010 (or so) several of my paintings were put on exhibition in a gallery in Paris.  I just came across these photos and thought I’d add them to my blog roll.  Obviously, they are heavily influenced by the retro modernist school of pop abstract geometric expressionism. That is obvious, right?

Cucake Royale Tribute, Root Beer and Bubblegum
Cupckake Royale 3@ 30cm x 30 cm

Orange, Lime, and French Vanilla

French Vanilla with Pumpkin and Lime 20cm x 20cm

World’s Largest Twister Board Viewed From Outerspace

Giant Twister Viewed From Outer Space 80cm x 60cm

French BistroParisian Awning Cafe 90cm x 65cm

Mod Madness (The Missing Piece)

The Missing Piece 15@ 20cm x 20cm

UntitledThe Missing Spots 6@ 30cm x 30cm

Tuscan StudiesTuscan Autumn 2@ 20cm x 20cm

Tuscan dotsTuscan Autumn, 50cm x 50cm

Red Wine and French Vanilla Stripes

Tuscan Christmas in Wine and Crème Brulée 60cm x 60cm