Hollywood Arezzo Cabaret

This summer I had the honor to perform in the 40th annual Arezzo Cabaret.  This is the same cabaret that eventually morphed into the important Tuscan event, Arezzo Wave. The show took place in Piazza Libertà which you may recognize as the steps that Roberto Benigni rolled the red carpet down during the rainstorm in Life is Beautiful.

The Cabaret has been organized and produced by Mario Barilli of Mario’s Hair and Hard Rock for all 40 years.  He was a fantastic producer (you don’t get to write that every day!) and he can be seen below giving my hair the Elvis treatment before the show.

That night, knowing I was facing a massive language barrier I decided to perform a new trick.  New for me, that is.  The actual trick is over 100 years old and rarely performed today.  The trick is generally known by the self-explanatory title Boy, Girl and Eggs.  It went over very well, and I look forward to performing this trick many more times in the years to come.

Below, I am warming up with a little old-fashioned spaghetti juggling while my co-host, Taylor Hohman looks on.  Now that’s Italian!

One comment on “Hollywood Arezzo Cabaret

  1. Looks like a really cool venue. Hope ya had a great time, I’m sure the audience did!
    Peace Mh

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