I Diavoletti

Perfect for theater festivals and appropriate for all ages.  I Diavoletti present an original blend of magic, clowning, object manipulation, stage combat, and acrobatics; at once playful, poetic, eccentric, and absurd.  

I Diavoletti is an international troupe of actors with expertise in acrobatics, clown, magic, dance, stage combat, or other ne’er-do-well arts.  The troupe was founded in Tuscany in 2012 by Professor Scotty Walsh, Sophie Goldstein, Taylor Hohman, Louise Mellor, and Mickey Lonsdale.

The troupe’s first show, “The Conjurer’s Assistants and the Waters of Shangri-La” or “Shoe” debuted before International Clown Hall of Fame celebrity Barry Lubin and a standing-room only crowd at Villa Godiola in San Fabiano, Italy in 2013.  Mr. Lubin, perhaps better known as Grandma of The Big Apple Circus, said of I Diavoletti, “Amazing talent! I have never seen a magic act be more generous with the public.”

I Diavoletti create witty, whimsical, and at times, wonderful performances, workshops and physical theater training sessions that defy explanation or categorization.  Underground legend of the Hollywood Magic Castle, Tom Frank, said, “It would be fool-hardy to call the Diavoletti ‘just’ a magic act.”

In this short video clip, you’re invited into the intimate cabaret – or perhaps it’s an art-deco speakeasy – wherein magic boisterously mingled with acrobatics, clowning, and good old-fashioned devilry.

I Diavoletti Present “The Conjurer’s Assistants and the Waters of Shangri-La” or “Shoe.”  Filmed at Villa Godiola in San Fabiano, Italy, 2013.  © 2013.