Perfect for Corporate Events, After Dinner and Keynote Addresses, Trade Show Presentations, Motivational Seminars, Trainings and Workshops, and any other event that requires sophisticated and dynamic custom entertainment.ASB3

This show can range from 30 to 90 minutes and can be presented strictly as entertainment or as a seminar and workshop which seamlessly weaves the impossible with the very possible.

Using the principles behind the secret art of mentalism, Scotty demonstrates many techniques ranging from non-verbal communication and linguistics, to observation and the subtle persuasion of the unconscious mind, enabling him to precisely influence the audience to create the illusion of mind control and mind reading.

With proper techniques and knowledge the human mind can be hacked. Drawing from  the latest research pertaining to cognition, consciousness, and the unconscious mind, Scotty demonstrates practical applications of these techniques, educating the audience on not only “how to do it” but also on the importance of using these powers for good, not evil!

Scotty Walsh. “Do We Think Like We Think We Do?” Filmed in Tuscany, 2014.