My Punch & Judy Puppets: Part Four

The Principal Set

In the previous posts, I’ve shown the evolution of my puppets, from the first Mr. Punch (undersized and made of mostly felt and hot glue) to my second crocodile which was becoming dangerously close to being a work of art.  Having sold my previous set, I went to work on a new one.

Since my first performance of Punch and Judy had taken place behind an upright piano, and lasted, I suppose, no more than four minutes, and involved only the skeletal cast of Mr. Punch, Judy, the baby, the crocodile, the slapstick and the sausages — I decided to reproduce that cast.  As far as I am concerned, a Punch and Judy show can exist with only these principal characters and props.

I decided to have a happy and a sad baby, so that they could be switched in accordance with their moods.  Mr. Punch picked up something of a creepy Tim Burton-esqe style, and something about Judy didn’t look quite like I wanted.  But they were entirely hand sewn, and the quality was improving.  So, I sold them and went back to the drawing board.

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