My Punch & Judy Puppets: Part Two

The British/Russian Fit-Up

In the previous post I showed my first puppet, a small Mr. Punch glove puppet held together with a little thread and a lot of hot glue.  That Mr. Punch is no longer with us since, to be honest, I could no longer stand to look at him.  Many of the other puppets from my first set have been sold, leaving me only with the original crocodile which I gave to my daughter.  I also, somewhere in a box in Indiana, have my original baby puppet and the original string of sausages.

This is a picture of the original crocodile and my British style folding fit-up which folds up into a bundle 3′ x 3′ x 6″ which I designed and built with a Russian carpenter and theatre director named Leonid. He hardly spoke any English and had lost one of his thumbs (presumably while building something), but he was truly a master carpenter.  We weren’t able to speak to each other much, but we both spoke the language of building stuff.

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