My Punch & Judy Puppets: Part Five

The Current Set

This is the fourth post in the evolution of my cloth puppets series.  In this set, I made two different style Mr. Punches.  The red one is in the traditional British style and the spots on his hump as well as his hat are copied directly from the original illustration of Punch by the famous Dicken’s Illustrator, George Cruickshank, while the white one is more in keeping with the Italian roots.  Judy has been dressed in French provincial — and I may add, all of my Judy’s have been cute (Judy is usually a hag).

The babies are made of seersucker and have alpaca hair.  The ghost (whose neck extends two feet) is done up in a sort of New Orleans voodoo style.  The devil is modeled after another Punch operator and film director, John Waters.  I also did something I have not seen before and, in an effort to avoid conflict with religious zealots, made the devil a person wearing a devil costume, rather than being the devil himself.  The crocodile is made of seersucker and sequins.  And everyone has matching sausages, just in case they should find themselves going through the sausage grinder some day.

And then Toby the dog joined the set a little while later.

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