My Punch & Judy Puppets: Part Six

The Wooden Set Begins

Cloth puppets are lightweight and, on the whole, have a slightly friendlier look than wooden head puppets.  Wooden head puppets are often, if not always, a little creepy.  And the weight adds up.  However, puppets with wooden heads and hands have many sound effect options available to them that the cloth puppets don’t have, such as clapping and banging their heads together or on the playboard.  And, as I tend to be a traditionalist, I knew that eventually I would want to at least have the option of using wooden puppets.

The first in the set are Mr. Punch (carved in the style of the Cruickshank illustrations of the 300+ year old Piccini Punch) and the Crocodile.  For those of you keeping track, this is my 6th Mr. Punch and 5th Crocodile.  I had only just finished these two puppets when I moved with my family to Tuscany and I look forward to carving Judy, the Baby, the Ghost, and the Devil at some later point when I have access to the tools.

I am hopeful that I will carve a few puppets here with the Tuscan master marionette maker Paolo Velenti, and if I do, I will keep you posted!  You heard it here, first, puppet fans!

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